B & Z – getting ready for NYC!

These beautiful twin sisters are preparing for an amazing trip to NYC.  We set up a day to have a photo shoot to update their portfolios.  It was hot, super sunny, a little windy, but all worth it and they didn’t complain once.  I cannot wait to hear how their trip was when they return!  Break a leg ladies.

BandZ_1 BandZ_2 BandZ_3 BandZ_4 BandZ_5 BandZ_6 BandZ_7 BandZ_8 BandZ_9 BandZ_10 BandZ_11 BandZ_12 BandZ_13 BandZ_14 BandZ_15 BandZ_16 BandZ_17 BandZ_18

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Florida Blueberry Picking

Some of the coolest things about living in a rural county are the self-pick farms.  My cousin lives right down the road from a “u-pick” blueberry farm and it is a definite Must-Visit spot for us at least once a year.  There is simply a sign saying where to find the buckets.  You get a bucket, pick until you heart’s content, weigh in and pay cash in a box.  It’s an honor system.  At least the second one that I know about in our county (the other being the Honey Stand in San Mateo).

Blueberries_1 Blueberries_2 Blueberries_3 Blueberries_4 Blueberries_5

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Little Miss “S” is One!

My very first official cake smash session!  I loved that it was for an old friend’s daughter’s first birthday.  It was AMAZING.  And the cake was delish (yes, I tasted it)!  Happy first bday miss Sadie.

Sadie-FB-1 Sadie-FB-2

And Big Brother got in on the photo shoot as well;  The pic above was him showing his little sis some happy birthday love.  So adorable!  Sometimes I wish my kids were this young again.


Miss Sadie showing off her Hollywood look.


I learned that you CAN in fact paint regular “number” candles with any paint to match your theme.  Soooo creative!


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4 generations of ladies

Not many families have the opportunity to have a generational photograph taken.  I have one in my baby book that was taken when I was about 3 years old.  It’s a 5 generation photo of the ladies of my mother’s side of the family.  I didn’t grow up knowing most of those ladies but still cherish that photo.  This four generation photo was taken in a living room with a simple backdrop and minimal lighting.  I know these photographs will be cherished for generations to come in the future, just as I still cherish mine.


the photo above is one of my absolute favorites.  It’s of Great-Grandma and her brand new Great-Granddaughter.


This one too….Beginning with Great-Grandma, then Grandma, Momma, and the two youngest daughters.

4gen_lr_3 4gen_lr_4

The newest member of the family is brand-spanking new 😉

4gen_lr_5 4gen_lr_6

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The Roberts Family

This time, we are at Princess Place Preserve.  For anyone that has never been there, it’s a beautiful old place complete with an ancient home built for a princess that is still in near perfect condition, many old barns, and the first florida in-ground swimming pool (so they say).

Rfam-1 Rfam-2 Rfam-3 Rfam-4 Rfam-5

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J family at the farm

It had been four years since we were all together for these family photos but back at the family farm, we meet again.  The little boys aren’t so little anymore.  The first photo below was just a crazy coincidence…the dogs were not intended to be in the picture but as we were getting set up, they just walked up and posed.  It was like they were saying ‘ok, now we are ready, the family is all here’!

Jfam1 Jfam2 Jfam3 Jfam4 Jfam5 Jfam6 Jfam7 Jfam8


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Lifestyle photos for Christmas

Kris is always up for something different.  This time, she asked for a lifestyle photo shoot of making cookies and eating ice cream with the hubby and their daughter.  This was too much fun because they just did what they do and I was more or less a fly on the wall.

Pfam_1 Pfam_2 Pfam_3 Pfam_4 Pfam_5 Pfam_6 Pfam_7 Pfam_8

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Family Photos for Mom from all her kids

This photo shoot was organized by siblings with their families to give mom a wonderful gift for Christmas.  They had a wonderful spot picked out that belonged to a neighbor.


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Family photos on the River

More family photos for Christmastime.  This time I got to go to a BEAUTIFUL spot on the St. Johns River to meet up with this family.

TeperFam_1 TeperFam_2 TeperFam_3 TeperFam_4 TeperFam_5 TeperFam_6 TeperFam_7

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New Hampshire Family Pictures

I recently visited upstate New Hampshire to have some “off” time with my best friend.  While there I most definitely had to take some much needed family pictures.  The day was extremely windy and while we hoped for so much more time outside, I did manage a few shots with the beautiful New England fall colors still hanging in the background.  Here are a few of the shots we took at various spots (quickly, with the 40 mph winds and 35 degree temp) around their town.  And I managed a few shots inside too of the youngest daughter showing off her ballet moves.



AmsFamFB_A51 AmsFamFB_A50



AmsFamFB_A53  AmsFamFB_A57 AmsFamFB_A56


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How to photograph glow-in-the-dark objects

I had a friend ask me for help on photographing glow-in-the-dark objects.  With October and Halloween right around the corner I thought others might be interested in learning how to better use their own DSLR’s to capture the essence of all things that glow.  This tutorial will also help for low-light situations like capturing a lit jack-o-lantern.

A how-to tutorial on how to photograph glow-in-the-dark objects | bluecloverphoto.com

A how-to tutorial on how to photograph glow-in-the-dark objects | bluecloverphoto.com

First, you will need your camera on a tripod.  If you don’t have a tripod don’t worry, you can still participate in shooting glowing objects.  Look for something stable for your camera to sit on while capturing your image.  A chair, stool, railing or even the hood of your car could work.  Once you press the shutter button any movement of the object or camera will cause the image to blur.

Set your lens to manual focus and focus on the object you want to shoot.  For those that have never done this, there is a little switch on your DSLR lens that says AF or M.  AF is for auto focus.  M = manual.

Now for your camera settings.  Set your ISO to 100.   Select shutter priority mode on your cameras mode dial(TV mode on Canons, S mode for Nikons).  Set your shutter speed down to 15-30 seconds.  It will look like 15″ or 30″ on your display panel.

If you are shooting something glow-in-the-dark you will want to “charge” the glow before taking your picture.  For purposes of this tutorial I have a t-shirt with glow objects on it that I have charged with a few pops from my camera flash.

Next, shut off any unwanted ambient lights that you can control (again, in my case, there are lights in the room).  In many cases you cannot control the ambient light and may need to adjust your shutter speed a little after you take your first shot.

If you image came out too bright, then decrease your shutter speed (ie. 30″ – 15″).  If it’s too dark, increase it (ie. from 15″ – 30″, or even longer if needed)

If you have any questions or want to share your results feel free to comment below.


Happy Shooting!


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Elizabeth’s Senior Pictures and Lightning!

Was anyone else on the beaches earlier tonight (Crescent, Butler, Treasure, St Augustine or anywhere else between Palm Coast and north of St Augustine)?  I was out at Matanzas and Crescent Beach taking some senior pictures for Elizabeth along with a few “couples” shots with her BF, our first of several shoots we have planned.  The sky was darkening the entire time we were at Matanzas inlet.  We then decided to head up to the main parking lot for Crescent Beach and cross over to the beach side for the last half-hour or so we had of any decent light.  We got a few good shots but then as the lightning was striking all around (far enough away to not worry too much, but getting closer by the minute) I decided to try to catch a few shots of the lightning bolts – something I have always wanted to try.  Low and behold, I got a few!  Of the five shots I tried, I got two very visible lightning bolts, using the lone lifeguard stand as a makeshift “tripod” (mine was very un-usefully left in my vehicle…grrr).  Clearly, the stand as my base was not great balancing on the knob of my stroboframe as there is some visible blurring of the shoreline and clouds but the lightning bolts are nonetheless there and fairly clear!  I was one very Happy, Happy, Happy girl!!!!  I’m very excited to share my favorite shots of my lightning, and one of the best from today of Elizabeth.  I wish you a great Senior year, my girl!  More pix of her to come Biz_1 Lightning_1 Lightning_2later…


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Little miss A is ONE!

I love it when a child is having a birthday, especially those younger years.  They change so much, so fast; everything is new, exciting and an adventure.  Little Miss Anslee is turning ONE and has hit many milestones recently including walking.  Her hair stands on end constanly, despite her mother’s many efforts to tame it.   Happy first birthday, Ans! Hope to see you have many, many more!

This picture below makes me think she was trying to say ‘yay, me! I made it’!

Anslee_14 Anslee_15

Just happy, happy, happy!!!


Anslee_24 Anslee_41

I put together this “Likes and Dislikes” for the year with the help of her mom, of course.  I love these 🙂  And of the three shots I took for the “likes” shot, this one is my absolute favorite and one of my faves for the day.  She’s so serious as if to say ‘yeah, this is me….so??’   Happy birthday, little one.  See you soon!


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Lacrosse – Starz PAL in G-ville

I experienced my first ever lacrosse game at the Sunshine State games in Gainesville.  I love the action and quickness of the game.  I could, however, have done without the extremely hot June Florida heat and the unyeilding cloudless summer day.  All in all though, I was very excited to have gotten a chance to shoot something completely new and test my skills.  Below are my favorites of the one day I was able to be there.

StarzPAL_Lacrosse_5 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_6 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_7 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_8 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_9 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_10 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_11 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_12 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_13 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_14 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_15 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_16 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_17 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_18 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_19 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_20 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_21 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_22 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_23 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_24 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_25 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_26 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_27 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_28 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_29 StarzPAL_Lacrosse_30

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Roberts Trio

The great thing about photographing families time and time again is that I continue to learn about each family member.  Take the Roberts’ girls, for instance….I have been around this family since before any of these girls were even born and have gotten to know each one of them through the years.  One is quiet, one is rambunctious and the newest addition….well, she’s learning how to use her voice and is often found smiling.  This was a windy day but we made the best of it at the St Augustine Beach pier, despite being completely surrounded by tourists and beach-goers these girls were troopers.


The shot below is one of my absolute favorites of the day!  Miss Rambunctious was being her usual self and I decided to make the most of that.  This photo captures her perfectly!


Bch_Girls_4 Bch_Girls_5 Bch_Girls_6

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Waiting on Bayli | St Augustine Maternity Beach Session

Ahh, the beach!  There’s no place like it.  The salty air, the birds, and amazing sunsets.  I have known Amy and Josh for a few years now but had never done any photography for their family.  I was very excited to shoot them for their maternity pictures and immediately knew that they HAD to be on the beach, since they are both from St. Augustine and it suits them so well.  We were in luck that the day we planned for the shoot was somwhat cloudy and that aided in a gorgeous sunset for the backdrop.   While the sun was setting to the right spot in the sky and the colors were just beginning to show, we did some beach shots.

beach_maternity_6 beach_maternity_5


Josh and Amy are having a daughter and even have already decided on a name, Bayli. Everyone, even their dogs were so great to work with. I know they are going to make wonderful parents. Congratulations, guys. I cannot wait to meet your new girl.

beach_maternity_4 beach_maternity_3 beach_maternity_2 beach_maternity_1

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Dion Wedding

Fun Fun People!! Congrats, Michelle and Dave!Dion_FB_4 Dion_FB_3 Dion_FB_1Dion_FB_2

Dion_FB_13 Dion_FB_12 Dion_FB_7

Dion_FB_6Dion_FB_8 Dion_FB_11 Dion_FB_10 Dion_FB_9 Dion_FB_14

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Another beautiful sunset tonight | Palatka Photographer

So, it was another beautiful sunset and I was inspired to shoot my kids again (with the camera, of course)

BlueCloverPhoto.com BlueCloverPhoto.com BlueCloverPhoto.com BlueCloverPhoto.com BlueCloverPhoto.com BlueCloverPhoto.com

My son…he came up with this on his own.  So silly


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My kids at sunset

my own boys at sunset near home…(meter for the background, add a little fill flash, voila! Beautifully exposed images)

bluecloverphoto.com   bluecloverphoto.com bluecloverphoto.com bluecloverphoto.com bluecloverphoto.com bluecloverphoto.com

Or a silhouette, if you so choose 🙂



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Cedar Creek FTR faves – MX

I went to the FTR race at Cedar Creek on Saturday.  Some of my favorite shots of races are the colors.  And in this case, all the helmet cams.

FTR Cedar Creek | BlueCloverPhoto.com

For those who may not know, Hare Scrambles have the racers begin OFF their bikes.  They line up facing their bikes and when the buzzer sounds they race on foot to their bikes, start them and then take off.  It makes for an interesting start…

FTR Cedar Creek | BlueCloverPhoto.com This pit bike was the first I had ever seen like it.  It resembles a vintage road bike.

FTR Cedar Creek | BlueCloverPhoto.com

I love a good panning shot

MX Cedar Creek FTR | BlueCloverPhoto.com

and when a rider looks my direction

MX Cedar Creek FTR | BlueCloverPhoto.com

This S corner was neat for shots because riders were simultaneously heading three different directions.  It looks like total chaos but it is really very organized.

MX Cedar Creek FTR | BlueCloverPhoto.com MX Cedar Creek FTR | BlueCloverPhoto.com  MX Cedar Creek FTR | BlueCloverPhoto.com  MX Cedar Creek FTR | BlueCloverPhoto.com

MX Cedar Creek FTR | BlueCloverPhoto.com

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College Grad Pix – downtown St. Augustine

Downtown Senior Pictures of College Undergrad in St Augustine

Downtown Senior Pictures of College Undergrad in St Augustine

Got the shot below while she was getting settled on the ground.  It ended up being one of my favorites from the whole shoot!  I love her profile and how calm she looks.

Downtown Senior Pictures of College Undergrad in St Augustine

Downtown Senior Pictures of College Undergrad in St Augustine

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Roberts Family Photos – St Augustine

The first family photo for the Roberts family with their new addition!  We met at the Mission grounds in St Augustine, where A&G were married.  The mission grounds is where it all officially began and now that their family is complete what better place to have their family photos taken.




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Lane Family

At the Riverfront in Palatka






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George family

I had the pleasure of shooting the George family in Green Cove Springs early this morning…What a good time!  We went to several different locations.  There was a beautiful building covered mostly with vines, an old brick building and road and even some at the park.




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Wimberley family 2012

Had so much fun talking to and playing with little B!  He’s so full of energy and life…I remember when my boys were that small.  Thanks for having me capture this fun day for your family photos this year!

Family Photos | BlueCloverPhoto.com

Family Photos | BlueCloverPhoto.com


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Boles wedding party!

Congrats, P&E!  I had a blast, as expected at your Barn wedding party!
boles_1 boles_2 boles_3 boles_4 boles_5 boles_6

boles_8 boles_7 boles_12 boles_13 boles_11 boles_10 boles_9

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Babys first Halloween!

Baby N on his 1st Halloween!


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Linda and Jonathon

I had the awesome opportunity to shoot the wedding of Linda and Jonathon.They were married at the Putnam County Shrine Club and had a beautiful day!  It was very laid back and reminded me of a summer day with a white summer dress, linen pants and a flowery shirt.  Linda even chose to go barefoot for comfort…I just love that! Here are a few sneak peeks!

Wedding | BlueCloverPhoto.com

Wedding | BlueCloverPhoto.com


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A Country Engagement – Boles

One less fish in the sea…

I was very happy and excited to take these engagement photos!  Congratulations, Emily & Preston!  I cannot wait for your wedding.

Love is...

Engagement | BlueCloverPhoto.com


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Princess Lexie turns 3!

Lexie got this beautiful dress for her 3rd birthday.

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Butler Park, St Augustine

Most people that know me know that I LOVE photography and I’m very willing and eager to share what I know with others.  Recently I had the opportunity, once again, to share the knowledge.  We discussed camera mode settings (we both shoot Canon, so that makes it really easy), shutter speed and a little about HDR – something that I really enjoy trying and processing.

HDR composite of a grounded sailboat near Butler Park, St Augustine.

HDR Sailboat image, Butler Park, St Augustine.

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St Augustine Pier for Wed Night Concert

Shot these while hanging out at the St. Augustine pier listening to the Wednesday night concert.  I typically have my compact Sony Cybershot with me wherever I go so that, in instances like this, I am prepared to get some shots that I wouldn’t have normally gone out to get.

I loved the angle this way and that you can clearly see that the isn’t any ocean until past the end of the pier.

When I first ventured underneath the pier it was only because I thought there would be some interesting angles.  I found so much more – look at the colors!

I love the colors underneath the pier

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Dunns Creek Sunset

Taking a sunset ride down Dunn’s Creek looking for Gators….season starts on Wed for my hubby!  All images below shot with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-w570 compact digital camera on Program mode. This one is my favorite!

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who knew there was a cow pasture there?

I went to visit a friend last night who is due to have baby #4 (I know, wow!) any day now.  Well, she’s not really due YET, but she’s having contractions and may have the baby any day now.  I hadn’t seen her in the longest time.  She recently moved into a new house in St. Augustine and I hadn’t even been over to see the new home.  So, off I went.  I was so surprised to see her backyard view of an open field with cattle roaming around! It was like they lived on a farm, well, from the back anyhow.  Step out the front door and it’s definitely a neighborhood.  Anyhow, we shot these maternity photos of her in her brand new backyard (and the cow pasture) wearing a beautiful purple sari that her hubby sent her when he was overseas.

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a hand-painted and airbrushed maternity belly

My brother is super talented, especially with paint and some brushes.  We were inspired by some belly painting we saw online and HAD to give it a try.  And when Stephanie agreed to be our first willing participant we were both very excited.  I shot some video of the process and incorporated it into the slideshow below.  I’m sure we will be doing more of these.  I had intended on being able to shoot the “after” photos on the beach but by the time the painting was finished it was too dark….and it was raining.  Bummer.  There’s always next time.

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Princess Place photo shoot, Flagler County, FL

I had a great time shooting Emily and her grand-daughter from Arizona at Princess Place Preserve in Flagler County for the second time.  Family photos mean a LOT to me.  I’m my own family’s historian and finding photos, especially meaningful older ones, mean the world to me.   Prince Place Preserve is an awesome spot for “old florida” shooting.  There are old barns, an old coquina house, marshfont views, woods, pastures… you name it, it’s here.  Below are some of my images shot here recently.

A beautiful setting against an untouched Florida marsh at Princess Place Preserve

An amazing shot of a young Florida fawn.  Completey comfortable with me only feet away.

This fawn was only feet away from me when I shot it on my way to my photo shoot at Princess Place Preserve in Flagler County, Florida. Canon 30d, 70-200


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Integrate your WordPress blog with Facebook!

So excited to be trying out the new integration of my blog page with my facebook page thanks to a handy website, blog, and newsletter from Photography Web Marketing Guide! Looks to me like this will be a huge timesaver!  For any of you photographers that love to improve and learn new tips and tricks, this site is very helpful.  Enjoy!

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Valentines Boudoir Special | Keystone Heights Studio

 Sexy Angel photo shoot.  In cooperation with KJ’s Photography in Keystone Heights.  We are shooting this Valentines special for 2 days only! Check it out!

Bring your sexiest outfits and heels. Be prepared to have a great time.   Your little black book and image disk will be back in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Just a walk through the Old Town | St. Augustine Senior Photographer

 I met this beautiful young lady and her mother in Dowtown St Augustine for her Senior Pictures.  Angela was visiting her mom for Christmas break from Maryland and wanted some Senior Pictures done while she was here.  We walked several blocks around the Lightner Museum and old buildings.

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The George Family | Palatka Family Photographer

 Last night I had the greatest pleasure of photographing one of the best families I know, The George’s.  You guys are truly amazing people, a wonderful family and all-around awesome friends.  Thank you so much for having me take your family photos this year.

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Today I am Greatful For…indoor Christmas lights

  Today I am greatful for christmas lights in the daytime.  I have been home for most of the day and have my christmas lights on inside.  The cheery essence that those little lights add to my home is something that I look forward to all year long and enjoy every day that they are up.

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Today I am Greatful For…little handprints

  Today I am greatful for my kids’ handprints in the dirt on the side of my truck.  They have been there for days and every time I see them I smile 🙂  Enjoying the little things in life…

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Another Baby’s First Christmas 2011 | Satsuma Photographer

  Another 1st Christmas! Baby Declan is now 5mos old.  Here’s a peek…

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Baby’s First Christmas | Satsuma Photographer

 We introduce little baby Bobby – His first Christmas! Thank you for inviting me into your home again and for having me shoot yet another set of family memories for you all.

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Storybook Cottage Fall Photos | Palatka Daycare and Preschool Photos

 I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot the fall photos for Storybook Cottage Daycare and preschool last week.  We set up a fall scene and also got headshots for a more traditional school photo.  Thank you, Storybook Cottage, for having us shoot your fall photos!

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Enjoying the water {East Palatka, St. Johns River}

I am blessed to have family that loves the water.  I went out with my parents and kids today on the beautiful St. Johns River in East Palatka.  We enjoyed the boat and riding the SeaDoo that has been broken for years and is newly fixed.

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Waiting on Braxton | Maternity Photography

 My newest releative…on the way, Baby Boy Braxton.

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Look Who’s Two! | Milestone Birthday Pictures

 Little Miss L is turning Two! It’s hard to believe that she’s two already.  Walking, Talking, Sassiness coming out…Adorable little girl.  We shot her two-year-old portraits at the Ravine Gardens in Palatka.  I know I will get to see her grow and change as the years come and go.  Cannot wait to see what a wonderful young lady she will become.

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Hurricane Irene photos {St. Augustine Pier}

The last set of my Irene photos.  These were taken at the St. Augustine Pier yesterday (Friday) afternoon.


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Irene kite surfers {st. augustine beach photography}

 These kite surfers were enjoying the winds from Hurrican Irene just inside Matanzas Inlet yesterday afternoon.  Very cool to watch.

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